Thursday, November 2, 2017

Saskia's Bees

Last night Saskia's Mum and Dad received a phone call from their friends just a few houses away.  A swarm of wild bees had made their home in a tree at the back of their friend’s house, in a bottle brush tree with bright red flowers.

Trev the beekeeper had been called in to take the swarm away.  Their friends thought that Ollie and Saskia might want to see how he did it, especially as Saskia has been learning about bees at school.  Both Ollie and Saskia were very excited to watch Trev.

They all ran down the road with the camera to see how Trev would rescue the bees.  First they saw a big ball of bees hanging in the tree!  It is called a swarm.  Right in the middle somewhere is the queen bee.

Trev told Ollie and Saskia’s dad to climb up the ladder and cup the swarm with his hand. The bees didn’t sting. They were warm and tickley.

(Thank you so much to Saskia's Dad for emailing their story and photos to us.  This was a wonderful authentic learning experience for Saskia and Ollie, and the junior team have enjoyed sharing it with them.)

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